May! Come Faster!

Wow! We are so excited over the generosity of our friends and fans! I believe in art and in the power of art. For you to also believe in that astonishes me and I couldn't be more thankful that you would want to support MyFever through the Kickstarter!

Just as life is here and then gone, so is this chapter for MyFever. As we close the books on what was our Kickstarter and begin the process of pressing CD's, Vinyl, designing shirts, stickers, etc, we can't help but look to the future with undeniable joy and optimism. We know Atlanta offers brand new opportunities as we seek to connect with our dear fans and build brand new relationships. Things have already begun to line up for the next few months and we each promise to keep you posted all along the way–hoping that this news blog can give some genuine and valuable insight to the daily life of MyFever. 


May is coming closer and closer which means the "See The Light - EP" is coming closer and closer.... 

- Blake


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