Press On "See The Light - EP" (Pre-Release)


Nick May is an incredible writer and author who had some cool things to say about our upcoming EP... Check it!

MyFever’s See the Light EP is like that amazing woman you meet by accident and end up marrying. She makes you forget about all the ones that got away. For the listener, it’s a masterful resurrection of sounds you thought you’d heard the last of. For Weston Hine, Garrett Hine, and Blake Tallent (MyFever), it’s a costly experiment with a timely reward. See the Light is crafted from the very best in a roster of tunes ranging from hauntingly eulogistic to revelatory, celebratory and everything in between. The sound feels like an audibly modern manifestation of the all-American Space Coast and everything good and holy about the ‘90s. At the core of this EP is a quartet of instruments that live in a pocket where groove meets gracefulness. The first thing you notice are the drums that sound like they were mixed right on your face. The guitars scoff at anything less than the standards of rock-n-roll tradition. The bass lines are annoyingly tasteful. And the vocals are raw, warm and storied. Most often described as “timeless”, MyFever’s See the Light is a genre-bending tip of the hat to everything about music that makes us who we are.


—Nick May

(Author of Megabelt, Minutemen and Molecricket)


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