The Albums I Love...

I've been thinking a lot about my favorite albums lately. So I made a list. I can't help but pick the ones that shaped me the most. They all taught me things that I feel have become filters and compasses for writing the songs I write today. So here's a list of albums with a sentence each, in no particular order, with no particular agenda. It's just the ones I love.     –W


Final Straw (Snow Patrol) ...because it showed me that pop songs can still be done tastefully.


The Suburbs (Arcade Fire) ...because it showed me the best example of what a perfect album looks like, especially in regards to concept.


In Rainbows (Radiohead) ...because it taught me to never over police your own weird ideas but to actually chase those ideas down.


Planet Waves (Bob Dylan & The Band) ...because there's a sound that happens exclusively in American music that belongs to everyone in the world, and this record embodies that sound, and I love that sound.

Because of the Times (Kings of Leon) ...because it taught me that it's not rock without the middle finger.


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