What We Didn't Lose In 2016 (Trump, Fire & 2017)

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I've been laughing at the 2016 wrap-up videos. I especially enjoyed an english-themed video where this guy has a bummer of a hang-over, and somehow manages to sleep through the entire year of 2016. When he awakens, there's a Charlie Chaplin looking fellow who tells him all the things that he missed. I think thirty seconds to a minute of the video are dedicated to the good things, while the remaining five minutes are a shit-list so long that the hungover protagonist has to be slapped in the face just to keep up with the fact that Bowie is dead and Trump is president. 

I met with my brother and sister yesterday about our aspirations for 2017. We first spent some time reflecting on 2016, and much like the video I feel as though we had a handful of solid accomplishments and also a thread of incomplete goals. I have to admit, I left the meeting bummed out. We killed it in 2015, so why did last year feel like such a drag and did we loose something along the way? So like any good artist I went home, tried to write a song, didn't finish, and then I went to bed–late. 

There's this new band I'm kind of drooling about. I think they're going to make it big, and why? Spend ten minutes on their instagram and you will feel the fire this guy has for life, and the need to create, plus the songs just generally rule. Comparing ain't a fun game, and it will leave you cold, lonesome, and stagnate if you're not careful. But somewhere wrapped up in this trivial Instagram account was something that I needed. Something that I needed to be reminded of. I needed to remember what MyFever never lost in 2016. The fire. The annoyingly persistent burning passion to make music and share that music with people because it matters. I believe that particular fire actually grew...

So I'm stacking up the accomplishments of 2016, and putting them on the shelf to enjoy for a second, but I'm not going to neglect the engine and passion that got us here in the first place. 

We go into the studio next week with a handful of the best songs we've ever written and funny enough, we're almost two years to the day of tracking See The Light EP.  2017, whatever you've got, bring it on–we're bright-eyed and ready. 

Much love, 



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