A Thank You...


What a blur! These last couple weeks have been insane and we have so much to be thankful for. Thank you for all your streams, posts, and kind words about Golden. We've been staring at calendars today, trying to wrap our brains around the next couple months...MYFEVER is on a speed train that is heading straight for April with a new EP on board. I am not yet certain of how we will get everything done that needs to be, but I am 100% sure about the team that gets us there, many of whom you will find on the list below. These are the folks that made Golden a reality, and we really can't thank them enough. Each name is a person who is insanely talented at their craft and we hope you'll check them, as well as their respective works out. Thanks everyone!  

Jared Przybysz (Jared helped us produce and write parts for Golden. He has become quite the producer for the ripe old age of 20. Look out for this guy, he has big things in store.) 
Dan Hannon (Dan is a great friend of ours who works with rad artists such as Manchester Orchestra and Macy Todd. He was kind enough to let us use his bad ass home studio for a very friendly price as well as mix Golden.)
Kevin Johnson (Kevin shot footage for the entire Golden lyric video and has become one of our closest pals in ATL. We owe him a lot of gratitude and he's also the creative mind behind the Wish Me Down video if you caught that.)
Sterling Graves (Sterling has been a champion of all things visual for MYFEVER for the last couple projects. He gets us and is one of our dearest friends which means a lot because we can trust him. He shot Golden promos and made all the rad graphics you saw online among several other things for the release.) 
Molly Webb & Allie Cope (Molly and Allie styled the original shoot with Sterling that the entire look for Golden came from. They are brilliant at what they do and og supporters of MF in Atlanta.)
Allie Hine (Can't really put into words what Allie does for MF. She is basically an unspoken member, but more than anything she believes in the band and the time that she gives to us proves it. She organized all the shoots and did lots and lots of other work surrounding the release.) 

Chris Griffin: Audio Mastering
Emily Oldham: Make Up (Band & Models)
Katie Ewing: Stylist (Band & Models)
Alex & Lindsay (Factor Models): These ladies were the beautiful faces behind Golden.


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