Seasons & Contentment

It's almost 3am Atlanta time...I should sleep, but instead I'm posting this. We had the privilege of playing "The Nick" in Birmingham, Alabama last week. It's a great little dive that you shouldn't pass up if you happen to find yourself in Birmingham with nothing to do. The Nick is a true American bar that has hosted handfuls of great rock bands in their early days, when they were nothing more than a blip on the map and struggling to make enough scratch to get from town to town. 

MYFEVER is basically that band right now, and we've learned that the digital age can be a real bummer. It's so easy to compare and get depressed. It's so easy to feel like not much has changed in a year, but that's just not the case. The band is already outgrowing its shoes from 6 months ago. We are getting more opportunities and gigs than ever. Likewise, we are traveling more than we ever have and playing shows virtually every weekend. I have to keep telling the guys/myself that we will only be here once. Take the time to smell the roses (or dingy bars more realistically) because things change fast. Enjoy the simplicity and the seemingly slow pace because we're gonna miss it someday really soon. 

All that to say, drive and success are great but they can also rob you of the contentment of today's blessing. I've loved the adventure thus far and my hat's off to God for bringing MYFEVER to its current position. Thanks for sticking in there with us and being a part of the story.  

Below, you'll find some amazing photos from our evening at The Nick courtesy of the wonderful Kayla Johnson, check her out–she rules. Enjoy, 



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