Spring Cleaning: A Note From MYFEVER

Family, fans and friends, Happy Spring! We have been super busy in MyFever land and wanted to take a second to update you on the latest and greatest.

First up: the move. For those of you who hadn't noticed, we are still in PC. Finding the right place in the great capital of the southeast has proven more difficult than we anticipated. However, the plan is still to get to Atlanta asap and we are confident that this will happen in the next couple weeks if not days. If you have any tips or connections we would love to chat. 

In the mean time we we will be booking as many shows as possible at home and abroad which brings us to the next order of business....Meet BBQueen or BBQ for short (see image at bottom). Garrett spent the middle part of last week driving this beast home from Akron Ohio. She's been a bit of a project, but well worth the investment and will play a pivotal role in the next season of the band as we begin to travel regularly.(Also, ladies I would like to mention that this is my car now, free van dates start next week and go to the hottest bidder, thank you). 

In other news See The Light is still on schedule for a May release and we CANNOT wait to get this thing in your hands. You can expect much more on it next week. 

Lastly, you may have noticed a picture or two with a missing MyFever brother. Casey will be stepping aside as the official bassist for the next season of the band. This is a joint decision and only has to do what Casey believes is best for him and his family at this time as well as
 what's best for the band. Casey is an integral part of MyFever and no doubt one of our closest friends. He's still in the family and we plan to keep in touch with him as we look towards the future! You will most likely be able to catch Casey at some local shows as we make this transition. 

Other than that we are still writing/practicing/planning every day because we believe in this thing called music. Thanks for believing in us, oh and for the inbox real estate today. 
More to Come,



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