Record Stores, Damp Bars, and Vomit

   It's been a pretty long time since I've made a post (Yeah sorry for that). Okay recap... So our first tour occurred a few weeks ago. We are writing consistently and constantly. We are gearing up to release a brand new EP called "Twin A", and in the midst of all the business we somehow manage to be lucky enough to keep all of the friends we've made along the way. 

   No one can really tell you what to expect when you venture into your first "unknown". Someone may have been through the same "unknown" yet it's funny how their experiences will never really edify your expectations of the things you and your band mates will go through. To go on my first tour with these dudes was an adventure in itself that came with the trials and tribulations that seemed unusually tough. We never expected one of our cars to break down. I never expected to get sick and feel like death with half of a tour to go. And in the end we never expected the triumphs to be so sweet and so worth every bit of pain from load-ins, greasy fast food, and hourly vomiting (at least on my part). The things I saw kept tempting me to remember to really keep my eyes open to the people and places around me. To not take a conversation for granted. To not just make a glance toward the Nashville skyline, but instead to take every bit of it in, even if you're standing in what feels like pouring rain on the inside. 

   Records were bought ("Fleet Foxes: Helplessness Blues" if anyone was wondering). Stories were shared as well as the loudest laughs. The weirdest anime/scored record was suggested to us to listen to by the funniest dude. Internal temperatures broke 100 degrees on at least three of the stages we played on. Yet amps were still turned up. Notes were still hit. And most importantly music was still made.

Stay rad guys, and thanks for sticking with us thus far and maybe taking the time to read this...

We'll see you Panama City locals this Friday.


- Blake 

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