Twin A: Available Everywhere Today!

Our primary goal as a band is to create songs and share those songs with people. Today marks the beginning of an experiment to share more music with fans, via mini projects called "Twins". They're just 2 songs long, but we've poured our blood sweat and tears into Twin A, and hope you'll grab a copy today!

Available everywhere digitally and streaming (including iTunes and Spotify). Physical copies plus some other goodies are available on MYFEVER web store. See links below. 

P.S. As of today, our two 2015 singles "Hear Me Now" and "Engines" are also available everywhere digitally including iTunes and Spotify. 

P.S. P.S. We're working on a new album. 13 brand new songs in the oven. Get psyched. 

–See you soon, –W/MF


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