We sat down to write “Living Tides”, a couple months ago, and by the time verse one shook out, I immediately knew where we were headed. A tip of the hat to the Panhandle of Florida (particularly Panama City, FL where Garrett and I grew up). I wanted to paint a picture of what it felt like to grow up along the glassy coast, whilst also expressing my gratitude for it’s beauty.

Hurricane Michael was a nightmare. I stood in a long line of folks who evacuated or no longer reside in the (850) area code that got to watch the whole thing unfold like some fish bowl nightmare. We all waited with bated breath for that first text or incoming call confirming, “we’re safe” or “we are okay”. Some people didn’t get that text. I felt helpless to say the least and I can only imagine how those who lost everything feel as they are left staring at the pieces.

In honor of anyone affected by this awful tragedy “Living Tides”, is out exclusively on Bandcamp where you can set your own price. We’re asking people to donate anything $1 or above in exchange for a download of the song with 100% of the proceeds being given directly towards relief efforts as there are many folks who still need a hand up.

We love you PCB and know you’ll make it through these difficult days. Keep stirring up that local pride like you do so well and we hope, "Living Tides" brings a smile to your face today.

With love - Wes/MF


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