Poems // 1

I don't claim the title 'Poet', but over the years I have entertained ideas in the form of written word, that I know didn't belong in a song. I've chosen a few of my favorites works here to share with you. Wes poetry, wow...I'm scared, be nice to me all ye critics. Enjoy... –W



Well I could close my eyes and think of you

Or I could keep them open and have some moments 

Some moments are water

Some are fire

And right now I'm burnt baby so let's go with the river 

I keep a notebook with all my thoughts 

I often shop for thoughts 

A moment 

A declaration of demeanor 

We all have them but it's the writers job to grab them 

It's a good job

A sad job sometimes but definitely a good one  



Rosary rosary 'round my neck 

Carry the weight that I try to forget

Wrestle the devil that I try to be

Shine through the clouds so I can see


Rosary rosary it's tough to receive 

Everything that you taught to believe

I ain't perfect but teach me to bleed

First into battle and last one to leave


Rosary rosary around my waist

Water to wine, fill up the vase

The grace up the street is the grace for me

The grace of the weak is the grace I need



Father you should know that I'm turning into something you're not

Tell mother I'm not

I laid in bed for 30 days

Father you should know that I've been thinking about what you said

Tell mother I put it up and memorized the scripture she read


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